Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Chopes Stand Up Paddle Craziness

My friend Sheldon sent me this link to Tim Mckenna's photography website. If you're into that poured-glass-over-razor-blade-reef type of island surf thing, this site is for you. I'm just going to post the links, you go check 'em out. Unreal shots. Click here and here and here to view 'em.

Couple thoughts about those shots:

1. Did you check out how absolutely beautiful the water is over there? Go to the last link and have a look at the flatwater paddling (Lisa Anderson shots)- even if you didn't paddle some of the breaks there, the flatwater paddling looks like it'd still blow your mind.

2. Is it me, or do you actually think you might want to try to pull in on maybe one of the smaller ones? I guess the whole thing would be about living in denial- just take off, don't ask about or look at the reef as it flies right by you- a couple inches from the bottom of your fin.

3. Did you click on the last link and scroll down enough to view the photos of the guy backhanding a barrel on the stapped board? Unreal angle- beautiful photography.

Thanks for the links Sheldon and thanks Tim Mckenna for the masterful photos.

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