Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Diversions: Dirt Surfing

Well- at least that's what I call it. Dirt surfing is trail riding. My "surf" spots? California's killer deserts and OHV areas. I've mentioned this before but the whole moto thing is new to me. I've been learning a lot about riding and being safe and when the weather has been cold (a lot lately) and the surf crap (right, Jon Kinley?) I've been heading out over the hills to get in some dirt surfing sessions. 

Racking up... with a DRZ400s instead of a 9'0 Stamps... kind of the same feeling, kind of the same anticipation, a lot of the same excitement.

Surprise #1: Riding moto trails is pretty technical- it takes skill to ride smoothly (kind of like developing your style in surfing- you don't want to look like a barney). 

Cool to do with my brother Mike- he lives in Santa Cruz, Ca so to Jawbone OHV area it's about five hours for him and four hours for me- a nice half-way spot for two brothers to have fun and catch up on life. And rip around on cool motos- check out his RAD KTM 400 EXC.

Surprise #2: Trail riding for a day will leave you worn out. Riding motos is physical and by the end of the day, I'm ready to pass out. After a couple cold ones around the camp fire, of course. 

You can get wayyyy back out into the desert- and it's is beautiful. I'm a slow, boring rider- I just like to get out and site-see. Kind of like cruising a 12' stando down the coast, just taking it all in and feeling it. Cool stuff.

Linking turns, cutback after cutback. Mind surfing the dirt.

Surprise #3: California has some beautiful spots to ride- it's nice to get off the coast for a little bit and range out. Dirt surfing is like stand up- you're free to go off and explore. Freedom. Love it. 

And then there are the cool little watering holes... Jawbone Store.


Anonymous said...

Diggin your life right now John!
Like you said surf is crap and weather sucks and more suckness on the way!-grew up riding moto out in the middle of nowhere by the Salton Sea!-epic moto out there-thousands of miles of nothing but dirt!-Totally jealous of you right now-have fun and be safe!

Capt Ron said...

Big John,
DRZ 400 Suzuki huh! I did not think it would take you long to get rid of that little girls Yamaha 200. After all my wife rides my ATK 605 better than me. Pretty funny.
Look at you in your ground bouncing gear. Good on Ya! Your brothers KTM is pretty sweet My brother used to ride KTMs I had one or 2 myself. You have some nice land with hard packed dirt to ride on. That is sweet.

John Ashley said...

Yo Capt.-

Yep- my little brother showed up with the KTM which spelled the end for Purple Rain (my TW200)... but I can't seem to part with her- she runs so sweet and she's all customed out with cool stuff. Oh well, soon I guess.

Back to surfing though- am digging the little longer 9'0 x 29"... super fun for smaller conditions- walk the nose or rip cutbacks- she does it all.

John Ashley said...

Hey Anon-

Cool- let's ride sometime! I suck but I'm learning (slowly). From out in Ocotillo Wells you can see the Salton Sea- I've heard there's some good trails closer to it that I want to explore when the surf is good and flat or it's cold and rainy (this weekend). Let me in on those killer secret single tracks!!!