Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Forehand schwack, check. Backhand schwack, check: Ted Robinson and Peter Brouillet and the 1,2 combo

Just got an email from my shaper Tim Stamps... seems like he's been getting back up to speed too, chilling out down under- where it's summer. Anyway, he passed along these killer photos from pro snapper Peter Brouille of Ted Robinson just killing it on his Stamps Ninja Bump. By the way, I've been riding a slightly larger version than the one Ted is on and I can attest to the board's killer nature... loving that board right now. Check out the shots. 

I dig the how clean the water is coming off the swallow tail here. More than anything speed is life when you want to really hit the lip cleanly and you can tell Ted's blazed a speedy little line right into this rebound. Smack! Photo: Brouillet

Anybody can hit the lip on their forehand- punching it on your backside is another story. Good backside surfer is the telltale of the truly talented surfer. Take notes and check out how far back on the pad Ted's foot is... get the foot back and the turn becomes a little bit more manageable. Photo: Brouillet


Anonymous said...

that guy rips!
Hey John this is Jon Kinley, how do i send you pics?

John Ashley said...

Hey Jon,

Just send them to me at preferably new, never been anywhere else on the net, stuff!!!!!