Friday, July 13, 2012

Costa Rica: You like jungle, you like plants?

Cool flowers everywhere you look... nice and green during the rainy season.
Everywhere you look, things just want to grow!
Shapes, colors, flowers... the jungle let's everything grow.


Sup said...

If photos are unedited, these plants are AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

great stuff as usual John-ive been to Playa Loco and the place with the bridge- i love CR-we took a boat with the dude who ran the old Blue Trails surf shop in Tamarindo-hit Witches Rock and Ollies-Ollies was super fun big rights-so good-gotta get back sometime.

John Ashley said...

Yep- unedited photos... I'm too dumb to know how to do that stuff. Lot's of unbelievable color in Costa.

John Ashley said...

Ha- Funny Jon, you're not the first to nail the location of that spot. We got Ollie's about waist high ten or twelve years ago... would love to score Witch's!