Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The youngsters rule- especially this kid.

Alright, I've got a new favorite paddlesurfer. Noah Yap- this kid's been on the radar for a long time now- I remember watching the first vids his Dad would shoot of this little dude spinning all kinds of board tricks when he was like eight years old. Now he's tossing down man-hacks, legit. But you want to know why he's really much better than 99.9% of the stando surfers out there? One reason: No, absolutely none, paddling while on the wave. Watch this kid- he's not jack hammering his paddle to make speed on a wave, he's really surfing it; finding the little speed grooves, pumping his board through little juice sections and then smacking the shit out of it off the top. My one gripe? I'm not a fan of the little fins out off the tops- but what do I matter? I'm fat, old and slow. Rip on, little shredder, rip on.


Tom English said...

Noah rips. click to see more pics of Noah, Mo Frietas, Colin McPhillips, Sean Poynter, Dave Bohne, Slater Trout and more. www.AlohaStandUpPaddle.com

Tom English said...

Noah rips.

ewxlt66 said...

He rips alright. His bag of tricks isn't that diverse yet though. =)