Friday, June 6, 2014

Wornwear... Patagonia's too smart

Patagonia has it all figured out. Watch this film. Take everything that you shouldn't do, do it, while doing so make it look so stupidly cool that we all want some too. The result? Dropping $120 for a furry sweatshirt (basically a car seat cover circa 1985) is not just a purchase, it's my little step towards the "social justice" catch-all.

Case in point: Tell people that they should not buy new clothes. Instead, glorify the old beat, outdated, faded, torn and worn canvas Patagonia Lapland Reindeer Driver underwear ($80 for Baboon Ass Red, or $120 for goretex version in Heart of Darkness Black) you've kept for all these years (the guilt of actually passing on perfectly fine $120 underwear to Salvation Army proving too much to bear). The message? Old is good for the Earth. But wait a minute, how do you get old clothes? Ahhhh- I see what you did there. 

These people aren't just winning the P.R. war, they're tap dancing on every competitor's forehead... and making that look cool too. They don't call it Patagucci for nothing but this film makes parting with the big bucks feel like I'm casting a vote for rivers, trout, maple syrup and white people who seemingly have no job but to do cool, hard things I could never dream of doing. Don't get me wrong- I love (and buy) Patagonia trunks for all the right reasons (basically, they make a waist size 40 and they make really short inseams which are perfect for my box like stature)- I just didn't know that old would be so cool.

My asshole nature aside, I really liked this film. It proves that besides being stupidly talented surfers and totally cool people (I've met two of the Malloys traveling and surfing) the brother's Malloy are skilled storytellers. Make another one- I'd watch it.

Withering Away in Old Mexico


Anonymous said...

i wonder if you'll see this. i'm glad to see someone comment on the hypocrisy of...a company that i also like. i say, stick to your guns. you can surf in haynes underwear and its probably "better for the world..." than, how much are their priciest trunks? $125? think of that. for comparison, i was thinking the other day about a friend's (my friend and your's) offer to sell me his car for $600. um, lets see: i can purchase A. a car, or B. less than 5 pairs of trunks. wowza. oh, wait, i did buy a jacket from "them", but for a good price relative to the market. ok, i'm a hypocrite too (like them).

Anonymous said...

buy buy buy! then "recycle it" so you can buy buy buy more = fooey