Sunday, January 11, 2015

Southern Baja Stand Up Paddle Adventure: Part 1 of 12

We tucked up against a sand dune in a nicely sheltered little spot on a wide, sand beach, five hundred miles below the border. It was a great Baja campsite, sheltered from the wind with clean, squeaky sand set right in front of a goofy little right point break. Goofy because when it's working it's not great, but it's not bad either- it's the kind of spot that provides fun runners on just the ride tide. It's more of a surprise gift than a sure thing. None of this mattered because it was almost completely flat. Still, it was enormously beautiful, we had cold beers and hot camp food and so despite the lack of ride-able surf we were happy. Until the asshole came driving up. 

Goofy right, perfect beach camp.
I saw his arm waving out the window and his headlights blazing as he drove straight at our camp, a Toyota Tacoma with a longboard resting on the tailgate and California plates. "You're blocking the fucking road" he yelled at us. Liza replied incredulously, "Seriously?" And that was a great question because the actual dirt road was back on the bluffs behind us. Even more confusing was the fact that surrounding our little campsite was open beach, like a sandy expanse of the 405 that any 4x4 could easily traverse. He stuck his head out as he drove away and yelled, "Kooks!" bumping off in the direction of the spot known as The Wall. It was like a drive by shooting, except the bullets were insults and all I could do was stand there and take it, I was pissed. Here we were, wrapping up one of my best Baja trips ever and then this happens. Was this really going to be the memory that capped our adventure?

That Goofy Right- going off.
Our trip was two years in the making. Liza and I had decided to take last year off because Liza's daughter was off to college (out of state which is a nice way of saying extra expensive) and we needed to make sure our finances could support that new commitment. So, for the first time in many years I wouldn't be sampling the warm water waves and ice cold beers of my beloved south Baja.  Of course I moped, whined and complained all winter long but I also secured a commitment to a full length surf excursion this year- which brings us to my driveway, 6:00 am, Dec. 20th 2014- departure day and I am stoked.

Go Time: 6:00am, Dec.20 2014: let the journey begin.

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