Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Blade: Powerex Stand Up Paddle

This is the paddle that you won't break. I'm certain of it- and so is ex-professional windsurfer turned stand up paddle fanatic Cort Larned. Cort's the driving force behind the production of Powerex's blade and he's straight up stoked on how it came together.

Photo: Cort with the new Powerex paddle. Take a second to check out that blade, there's a lot going on there. Powerex recruited veteran stand up paddler and consumate free-thinker Sean Ordonez to build a better blade. In short, the thing paddles itself- no wander, no fishtailing... I was very impressed with it's functionality, there's really nothing like it out there.

Of course, there's nothing like putting your money where your paddle is- which is why Cort assured me that Powerex will be fully supporting their product with a "you break it and we buy it" iron-clad guarantee. I don't think they'll be paying out on too many of these. Cort basically challenged me to snap the thing. Happy to oblige him (and curious to see how much I could actually abuse a paddle) I grabbed the Powerex and went at it. I was unmerciful to the thing laying all of my 235 lbs into it, bearing down as hard as I could in mixed surf. Basically, the thing just laughed at me.

Powerex is no stranger to strong carbon fiber. As a premier manufacturer of high end wave sailing masts, these guys are masters of the ways and wiles of hardcore, carbon layups; that expertise definitely comes through in this paddle. If you get a chance to demo one, jump at it- it's a sweet paddle worth checking out.

Check back for more photos and a surf review of the Powerex stand up paddle.

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Chad said...

Saw one at surf hut and just leaning my weight on it on dry land I had the same impression. It feels unbreakable. Now hearing that it paddles well I may have to go get one!

Anonymous said...

what's the cost? said...

I am 6'6" 250Lbs and I use a Powerex paddle it is the best paddle ever for surfing!

Sweetest Ambrosia said...

Mr. Ashley!!!! Hi! :-D This is a heylo from UCSB and I love the school. Email me!

John Ashley said...

Hey Ellen!!!! I'll look for your email address and send you a note tonight- happy to hear that you're happy and GREAT to hear from you!

John Ashley said...

Chad- I think this paddle was meant for you and these guys are serious about their warranty! Plus, you'll need a back up for mainland Mex!

Capt Ron said...

Just got one after reading the post on here from a local store they have them for 280$. We have a little swell running out front and I have broken 5 paddles in the last week. Yesterday I got a chance to surf the Powerex and no flutter, the shaft does not flex like a limp rod and I can actually get the power in the water. We shall see how it holds up. I tend to blow quite a few paddles up. I had one shaft break between my hands last year paddling for a large wave in hard offshores, well I had so much pressure on the paddle when it blew pieces of it went into my arm and I did a front flip body slamming my self on the deck of my board. DOH!
I did not have any luck with the werner paddles with my size and strength 6'2" 230lbs these things flutter so bad I think I did some tendon damage to my left arm the other day the shafts and blades seem weak.
Powerex is Awesome!!!
I am off its 2ft overhead at the inlet this morning going to give the powerex some more testing.
Capt Ron Neff

John Ashley said...

Hey Capt. Ron,

Thanks for the killer review- I think that paddle was tailor made for guys our size- Big Chad's going to pick one up as a back up paddle (primary?)- they're really monster scoops and built very well. Keep me posted- I'd like to get more of your feed back on that paddle.

Thanks again- and your handle is one of my favorite movies!

Capt Ron Neff said...

Update on Powerex.
Well I have used it quite a few times now and am still getting used to it. It will flutter a bit if you realy pull on it but not bad. I am having trouble getting used to the weight or should I say lack of it. It surfs unreal you can realy lay on the thing while its planing and it won't stall or get squirely and with the swallow tail design a slight turn of you top hand and the paddle follows through realy nice and controllable.
Things I do not like about it. I live and surf in the shark bite capital of the US here in New Smyrna Beach, Florida and the little white eyeballs or what ever it is painted on the blade gets alot of attention and not the attention any of us want from sharks and fish. Thinking about retro fitting a powerhead in the handle in case one gets realy friendly. It has not been bit mind you but sharks tend to head butt stuff they are thinking about eating and I have had the paddle head butted 4 or 5 times now. To many times to just be quincidence and always on the white eye side. So I am going to remove the paint eyeballs soon.
Thanks John I actually am a captain I own and operate a charter boat here in NSB, Fl. Everyone thinks my name is great, and ask if I have ever seen that movie. My return clients bring me eye patches and colorful speedos, bottle of rum and stuff. Pretty funny till we are out of site of land and I ask them to look for another boat so I can ask for directions on how to get back to the inlet. I get a kick out of it. Looking forward to a surf trip at the end of summer either Mainland Mex or Costa Rica which tickets to CR are 99$ direct from here right now and is only a 3hr plane ride.
Love the site you guys are great.

Capt Ron

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend is 6'6" and this paddle has been perfect for him. Problem is, I can't seem to find a paddle cover to fit it.

CJ said...

Have loved mine for the last 3 years. Finally snapped the blade horizontally half way down while sprinting into a wave. Gutted! Is Powerex still in business? I can't seem to get any info.