Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Stamps Stand Up: 10' Viking and a couple quiver builders...

Big Chad jammed up to Stamps' board factory this afternoon and came home with a truck full of treats. Check 'em out:

pulled the trigger on his second Stamps stand up board; this one's a 10' Viking, 31 inches wide and four and half thick. This one's a big boy's rip stick- can't wait to see him let it fly down south.

The boys approve.
The spray on Chad's board is one of the best I've seen- the photos don't really do it justice- it came out great.

Chad checking the foil.
Chad and I surfed about thirty minutes after snapping these photos- the board's volume came out perfect. What you don't want in a high performance stand up board is a cork- too much float and you're not going to be able to hammer down on the rail when you need to come off the bottom. This one's right were it should be.

The thing really came out sweet.

Here's what I ordered- a 6'4" big boy fish in eps and epoxy. I wanted a little conventional board to hide in my board bag for my trip to mainland Mexico. This one's sick!

A little comparison shot for Steve. That's his board in the foreground, a 6'6" Stamps Fuse model. That's a clean one too- can't wait to surf it!

We live in a cool little surf town- if you've got some freshies laid out on the lawn, someone's bound to stop by and help you check 'em out. Here's Matt Wilson with the 6'6".

Here a shot of the 6'6" bottom, set up as a quad (my 6'4" too). I surfed my board right after snapping these and was able to easily paddle it around and snag a couple of waves- the thing went really well- I can only dream about how it'll be on a big open faced, point break left hander- whooo.

My mainland Mex quiver- and it all fits in the FCS SUP travel bag- with two paddles! Check back in a couple of days for more photos of boards, bags and travel supplies.


Chris K said...

Very nice lawn Big Chad.

John Ashley said...

Hey- that's MY lawn!

JJ said...

May I ask what the dimensions are on the 6-6 Fuse? I just received my 6-10 Stamps Fish: 18N x 23W x 17 x 3.25.

Thinking about a 7-0 or thereabouts Fuse. I have an 8' Mega Mullet and a 7-6 Overeasy quad. Love the Mullet - turns on a dime even at 8'.