Friday, July 15, 2011

Baja Stand Up Paddle Surfing: At last you're there... now what?

If you're traveling with a bunch of feral stand up paddle surfers... that question is an easy one to answer: You hit it dummy! At least that's the rule with me- if you pull up and there's daylight and surf- you charge it. Here's a teaser pic of what we were surfing:

Kiwi- out there and on it... with not a whole lot of daylight left. Others have their own particular rules (set up camp first, make sure you're shade and you're bed are set up) that they follow before they allow themselves to grab a surf. My rule is- if it's there... get the hell out there. Even if you have to set up camp in the dark, it's better to wash the day's dust and grime off with a fun surf session than to lay there hoping it's still surfable in the morning.

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