Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stand Up Paddle Surf Baja: Patience, it's coming...

In Baja, timing is everything. Get there too early and you're sitting in the dirt, baking in the sun, swatting flies and walking the desert while the spot does it's best Lake Erie imitation. Get there too late and you'll run into camps of dazed looking surfers, sunburned but happy- all of them really excited to tell you how good it was yesterday. Do your homework, check your favorite forecast sites and try to show up a day or two before the swell hits. Getting there a little early will give you a chance to grab the prime campsite and to get out and get loose before it's go time.

We did alright, check out these surf shots:

This is Day 1, nobody around but Kiwi and me... that right is about chest high and fast. When it get's bigger, that thing breaks all the way across the shot and runs into a spot called the racetrack- you better be ready to gun it because it starts cranking down there... and it's shallow.
Day 2 or Day 3? I don't know... they all start blending together. The place is a cactus garden.
This place is a regular footed surfer's dream... all rights.
Well, not all rights. Here's Kiwi going left- there's actually a pretty thick, chunky little left wedge that throws a barrel if the swell is hard enough from the south.
More Surf Photos coming!

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