Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Attack of the La Ventana Oarons: Southern Baja Paddle Surfing

Ouch. Sitting here, thinking about all that cold water moving around down at the end of the street- there's some good ones out there but you're going to pay a price chasing them down. Then, this little folder pops up in my email inbox: "La Ventana Oarons"... sent to me by my good buddy Tim from Palapas Ventana. Ouch is right, pinch me, send me back! Check these out (all photos courtesy of Julie Grieve):

Photo: Miguel coming off the bottom and setting up to fly down the line, trunks, smiles, blue water... what else do you need? Oh yeah, that's right... those are sitting in the cooler on the tailgate getting colder by the minute.

Photos: Here's Norm- everytime I see this guy he's got a big old grin on his face- kind of like the one he's sporting right here! A nice guy- and a paddle junky!

Photo: Just another sweet shot of Miguel coming off the bottom on his little Paddle Surf Hawaii... love the sand in the foreground.

Photo: Another one of the alpha males in the L.V. Oaron Clan, this is Kent (on the inside) looking like he's getting ready to lay that Sub Vector over and go ShhhWack off that little inside section... or maybe he's just wondering how he's going to get around the dude in front of him.

Photo: Miguel again, bringing it around. Nope, won't tell you where this spot is but I will give you a hint: It's the right on the other side of the left that's about two hours from the peak that I surfed above the right down near Cerritos. Does that work for you?

Southern Baja's a treasure hunt.... get out there and find your spot.

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