Friday, February 26, 2010

Last of the Build Photos... because I'm picking it up tomorrow!

Tomorrow's the day! Going to do a little surf check- see if I can snag a few and then bolt up north to the Stamps Board Factory. Can't wait to see how the new one has come out... A couple more shots:

Photo: Cool to see two of these getting done at once... and how rad is that spray on the 9'8"? I'd love to see a couple of photos of that big one in action so if you're the owner, send a couple my way! Pura Vida!

Photo: Six weeks start to finish... Thanks Stamps!


Kiku said...


You gotta come up to 'da Shores and show them off to us John!



P.S. I just put a tri-fin set of blue Gerry Lopez SUP fins on my 7'8" and am loving it!

John Ashley said...

Hey Gail-

Great to hear from you, hope you all up at the Shores have been getting some good ones this winter.

I'd be happy to show it to you- I'm pretty excited about it... shorter, different outline and light. Now I just need a good, clean (and smaller) day to try it out.