Monday, February 22, 2010

More Oaron goodness: SoBa Surf Shots!

Oaron: Oar + Moron = oaron.... get it? This is the handle the guys down there wear with pride... it's funny to them, and me too.

Photo: SoBa... Southern Baja, get it? Love this shot... wide angle, pulled back, setting the mood... baja dreaming.

Photo: Looks pretty rippable.

Photo: That's Tim Hatler on Mahi version 2. I've scattered those boards north and south, Mahi 1 lives with my brother in Santa Cruz, Mahi 3 lives in the back of my truck.... hard to believe that next weekend, I'll be picking up the fourth generation Mahi. We've come from 10' x 30" all the way down to 9'1 x 30" with big changes to both nose, tail and rocker (and probably a bunch of other things that my "dumb eye" can't see). Continual improvement through refinement... now where did I read that before?


Capt Ron said...

Thats "Funny" John,
They call me names here in Florida to but most start with a MF and end in er. I laugh to then ask them what breakfast food did they eat this morning that made them have the bullocks to decide to take on a 6'2" 225lb guy with a 7ft carbon fiber stick in his hand with full mechanical advantage? FOUR!!! Cause I want some... LOL
JUST KIDDING AROUND to be clear, but a shortboarder sitting on his board makes a perfect golf tee and the flat of a paddle one hell of a club. Just being funny...

Yep Oaron "Hey" I resemble that remark.
Capt Ron

John Ashley said...

Hey C.R.

Kind of more like a pitching wedge right?

Funny stuff.