Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hooked SUP: Alex Aguera's new fishing SUP... I want one!

Just when you thought your quiver was complete... along comes something that makes so much sense that you try to think of reasons NOT to buy one. Check out what Alex Aguera (world famous windsurfer/board designer/craftsman) has been building on Maui.... Hooked SUP stand up boards built for fishing:

Photo: Here's the basic idea, wide, stable and manueverable and, oh yeah, lots of rod holders.

Photo: Killer Logo for the boards.

Photo: I had a chance to meet and talk to Alex at the La Ventana Classic, he filled me in on some of his ideas about fishing SUPs. In this shot you can see how full the rail is- Alex's conclusion is if you're not surfing these things why do you need a surfing-type (lower volume) rail? The rail is fairly boxy and makes for a super stable fishing platform.

Photo: Look at that ass! Exciting stuff. I'm going to have to see what's up with this stand up fishing thing- sight casting to some of the Bay-locked bonefish that live here in San Diego sounds pretty darn fun to me....

Photo: You should know that not only is this a great sneak peak at what's going to be a cool offshoot of our sport but your also getting a rare look into the Jimmy Lewis shape room. Alex works with Jimmy and uses his factory to design his boards and fins- we're stoked and thankful to both Alex and Jimmy for sharing these photos with us.

Check back: Fruits of Labor... I've got a couple of cool photos of what's for dinner, courtesy of the Hooked SUP!

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