Friday, October 28, 2011

The Future Fins goody box.... STOKED!

Check out what came in the mail a couple days ago:

Yep- a little test kit of race fins and surf sets for my new 8'4 and for the Poison Arrow... got a chance to flat water/downwind paddle the keel fin and surf the Jamie Mitchell Quad set... my mind is blown!
Super happy to be hooked up with Futures... these guys are surfers and paddlers and they crave feedback. Look for a full on review of each set of surf fins and the three different race fins- I've already been out on the Jamie Mitchell Quad set and- well, I might be a quad convert now (yep- Kiwi- you were right!).


Kiku said...

Jealous! I saw the JM quads at Sacred Craft, also the new Laird thrusters! Can't wait to hear your report!


John Ashley said...

Hi Kiku-

Lemme know when you want to take the quads for a test drive... mi fins es su fins.... er something like that. Going to hotel Coral Marina this weekend- wanted to hit those reefs near the trailer park- too bad it'll be pouring rain :(

Kiku said...

Thanks for the kind offer John! I've already asked Mitch to order a set for me. :) Love to play with different fin set ups. Have fun down south and say "hola" to the marina staff for me. Lots of good eats down there for you if it rains too hard to surf this weekend. We are headed down to Mazatlan next month. If you have any hot surf/tourist tips for me I'd really appreciate it. Taking one of my boards down with me although US Airlines charges $200.00. Ay caramba! I think I'll just sell my board before I return to the States. Arigatoo and buen viaje!

John Ashley said...

No problem Kiku- any time let me know. Any ideas for what to do (besides drink heavily) if it's pouring rain and I'm stuck at the hotel? You can email me at if anything comes to mind. Any idea if there's a bar at the hotel that MIGHT have thursdays Paquiao fight? Sounding like it's gonna be super rainy!!!