Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ripping: Ted Robinson shots by Peter Brouillet board by Tim Stamps

Got these a couple days ago from an unnamed, deep cover source... tack sharp and radical. All shots by pro photog Peter Brouillet. Clean stand up paddle surfing courtesy of Ted Robinson. It looks to me like Ted's on a Stamps Ninja Bump- in the 9'0 range- a good all around size and shape for smaller, beach break days. Check 'em out:


Anonymous said...

Nice-guy looks like he is ripping!
frickin lousy surf lately John-let me know if you go to dapatch soon-supposed to be a little bump of swell later this week.

John Ashley said...

Hey Jon- definitely will let you know- probably this weekend- if you've got Futures boxes, I've got some pretty cool fin sets to try out.