Monday, October 10, 2011

New Stamps 8.4

Just picked up my new surf stand up- an 8'4 masterpiece from Tim Stamps. Surfed it twice this weekend - this board is giving me what I was looking for.... A really drivey, fast and responsive board- this ones gonna take some adjusting to because things happen so much faster on it. Pics are coming- I'm blogging from my iPhone so I'm still figuring out how to add photos... Don't worry, though- I'll snap a bunch!

Photo: Testing iPhone blogging capabilities - this shot was from my home beach during the last big swell.


[MB] SUP said...

I'm thinking about hitting the patch this weekend. Where you surfing? I need to check out the 8'4.


John Ashley said...

Hey Todd,

Gonna be surfing local (SD) this weekend because of a contest here... you'd love the board- super drivey and fast... wide tail with a bunch of release points... truly something special... but tippier than my old 8'6!

[MB] SUP said...

Cool John, hope you have a great time this weekend. Glad your enjoying the new ride.
I'll be checking back to see when your heading down to the patch. I still need to get you back for the covert cooler.

P.S i know all about tippier.