Monday, May 7, 2012

Stand Up Paddle Surfing Puerto Escondido

I get these text messages from my friend SK. They are incomprehensible most of the time. I love them. Every time I get a doozey from him it cracks me up. Lately, he's been in Vegas. I'll get shots of the Venetian with messages like: "Thanks for tip craps table bombay saphire yes good call not gonna pay". I'll write back, "Wait, what?" and there will be no reply. Even better is when he sends me shots of stand up paddling in Puerto Escondido courtesy of Angel Salinas and crew- he just sent this one:

His accompanying text: "What Euro trash isn't". Huh. Love those cryptic babblings. I'll write back, "Wait, what?" and there will be cricket chirps in reply. Or he'll send more of those shots- let's hope for more photos.

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