Friday, May 4, 2012

Bombing it up North: Surfing Patch then checking out the Paddle for the Cure

Hook up with me. I'll be surfing DogPatch early Sat. morning then jamming over to Newport to have a gander at the Paddle for the Cure (as well as say Hi to some paddle friends). Ask about the Mystery Cooler and sample it's magica contents (hint: there are no protein drinks, coconut water, or Monster Energy drinks in there... unless they can be mixed with the Kraken!). See you there!


Anonymous said...

bummer sorry i missed you John-one of the rare saturdays im not at the patch-had to go to LA for family affair-hope you scored!


John Ashley said...

Hey Jon,

No big- we had fun and I ran into Will B. and his wife and kids, Tim R. and the usual suspects. Hope all is well and we'll do it another day.

PS: heard you busted a box out of the Spicolli-san already!

Anonymous said...

glad you got a few-crazy work schedule right now but soon i will be back to being a local!-yeah i dont know what happened to the box-but its repaired now and Spicollisan is ready to get Gnarly Dude!-hope to see you out soon!