Monday, May 28, 2012

Surf Dogs Rule!

I was a dog lover but now I've crossed over into the land of dog-weirdo... and I'm okay with it. I love my little Lilly.

Depth of my dog-weirdness? Put it this way, if I could find a little dog-kini for her I'd buy it and force the poor mutt to wear it. And a little pair of sunglasses.... Okay, I just realized what I wrote- maybe I need an intervention.
You know how parents will bust out a bazillion photos of their kid playing AYSO soccer and you have to politely act like you care for the two hour long photo album session? Well, get ready- this is just one of the twenty surf dog photos I have from today's session... and you're gonna be forced to see them all!


Anonymous said...

Haha!-yeah i was dat dude with the photo album when my boys were younger!-but fear not John-your supping and moto offset your Dog lovin-i will start to worry about you though if i hear you have a subscription to Dog Fancy or if you let Lilly lick your mouth as you tell her how much you wuv her!!At that point i will walk over and give you a carbon smack across the dome! Good hangin with you and su chica at the WB fest!

Peter, Gabi, Nani and Kiki said...

You're not wierd!
You love your dog and your dog loves you! Have fun! You will live longer!