Saturday, June 30, 2012

Baja Lesson #2: Know where you're going...

Lesson #2: It sounds obvious but if you don't have the basics figured out (Seven Sisters area? Strictly winter time) your paddle trip might just end up being a case of chasing rumors and myths. Or, in my case, you might end up asking yourself why you're slowly melting into polyester sheets in a 106 degree cinder block box masquerading as a hotel room. Solution? Get a map or some type of guide (try or bribe your local surf guru with a six pack and you may even score San Jose on that next south.

Update Alert: I'm in Costa Rica right now!!! Long day of travel involving a plane with some type of malfunction that had to be left on the runway in Houston... that's a new one for me. Spending the night here in Liberia and then off to the Nicoya peninsula tomorrow. Excited to post up some photos so with your permission (or even without it) I"m going to skip over Baja for just a bit and post up some paddle surfing in Costa Rica stuff! Yahooooo!

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