Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lagging... but having fun. And while I was away, we busted a half million!

Jeez, I haven't forgotten about this place! I've just been out and about- down south, up the coast... and way down south. But here's where I am at: I've got a lot more to say about my Maui trip... a lot. Especially surfing with my friend Ina who showed me real aloha... and about the unreal food that I sampled on that beautiful island (oh yeah, I packed on about six or seven extra pounds- REAL FAST too... going to have to get back on the lean train!).

I'm also currently typing this from southern-ish Baja California where it got so fricking hot that I seriously was afraid of drying out in the middle of the night and dying. But that's another story for another time. Until then, here's a couple of snaps from each of the trips to keep you occupied:

This is bruddah Ina Tagaloa who took us out to one of his favorite spots... which I will tell you all about soon- promise (although I'm sure somebody will chime in with the spot's name soon). Ina's got the biggest heart on Maui- getting us into some fun surf and killer food... and laughing the whole time- thanks bruddah Ina!  
Looks nice and traquil, eh? Loading up the Ramble Wagon in southern-ish Baja and it's 106 degrees in the shade, muthaf#$%er!!! Are you kidding me??? This one's a good story- which you will hear about soon.
And for those of you who care about things like this... we busted a half million hits on this site- which I guess is cool in some way. Thanks guys and gals- more stuff coming soon!

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Anonymous said...

Right on John-stoked to hear you got some good waves and good vibes in HI
Yeah baja is too much for me in summer-im far too delicate for that crap anymore!
You missed weeks of flat crap while you were gone!