Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hey- remember me?

Whoa. Where has the time gone- literally almost a year with barely any posting... wow. I haven't completely forgotten about old (that's been my pet name for this here site), in the back of my mind I keep thinking that I should post something worthwhile up for all of you who do check back occasionally to see what's up.

But that's the problem- in stand up paddle nothings up. I haven't been amazed or wow'd or blown away by anything lately in this great past time of ours (well, actually that's wrong- I was blown away by the stando surfing video of the guy on the finless paddleboard at Leo Carrillo, the vids out there somewhere and this guy is doing something fresh and new). I mean, really, what's new? SimSUP, yawn. More guys racing a bunch? Yawn. And I've been doing some new things (if you're really dying to read me twice a week, that's a total of 8 posts per month! check out the blog I write for here) because I'm an ADD type individual who get's distracted easily. So here's somewhere to go if you're curious about what's going on with me- check it out here:

Basically, it's irreverent, eclectic, self-inflated, useless stuff that I'm compiling. It has almost nothing to do with stand up paddle and it's most likely a total waste of time. But it's my waste of time- until I go on my mainland Mex standup paddleboard surf trip second week of June- now that will be something to check out!

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