Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Northern Baja Stand Up Paddle Surfing: Empty waves

Do not go stand up paddle surf Northern Baja, you will die. The cartel will cut your head off. It's totally dangerous- I repeat do not go surf Northern Baja:

Manny V. and Tyra Moe CreedSUP team members just before getting kidnapped by the lobster burrito cartel. Read more about Tyra Moe here.
Manny V. trying to flee... he was not successful.

T. Moe also trying to escape with Manny yelling at her to run!


Unknown said...

Where did you get the info from? This is unbelievable and my prayers are with them!

Ss.west said...

Hook, line and sinker!

Kate said...

Wow great video. I've been paddle boarding for a few years, but have yet to try paddle surfing that might have to change this summer!