Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Of course nobody got their head cut off...

Wow. I didn't think I'd alarm anybody with that last post but it turns out a few out there thought something went down on that Mex run. Breathe a little easier, Manny and Tyra had a great day of surf and killer Mexican food and made it back safely. 

I often see all kinds of forum questions about safety down south. Here's my take: Act foolishly and it can be dangerous. Will the cartel single you out, kidnap you and chop your head off? Well, if you roll down in a black Escalade with huge rims, roll around Rosarito Beach with your tinted windows rolled up tight, your snapback on sideways bumping Lil' Wayne you'd pretty much be tilting the odds in your direction just a little. Kind of like putting on a bacon suit in a chum cloud in off the Farallon Islands, you could do it and get away with it- but I don't advise it. The sharks, like the bad guys, are definitely there, there's no denying that. Are they hungry that day, can you tempt them to bite? Well, that's always going to be an unknown.

Put it this way, roll like that and there are eyes that would take notice and probably a couple cell phone calls put in about where you are, how you look and where you're headed. Me? I'd rather not be on that radar- that's why I like rolling with Manny in the Manny-mobile. It's all about being low-key, knowing where to go, when to go, when to leave and, best of all, where the best tacos are to be found. Go with someone who knows and keep your head on your shoulders.

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