Monday, February 7, 2011

Futures Fins: Jamie Mitchell Battle of the Paddle Race Fin... Going In Today!

So excited to test drive Futures Fins Jamie Mitchell Race Fin today. I've got the Hal Rosoff Race in Newport this Saturday and I'm hoping to use this there. This thing looks sick- Ryan at Futures told me it was a special design just for racing in and out of the surf at the Battle of the Paddle. There won't be any surf in Newport Harbor but it does look like it will give me some directional stability (I'm a notorious zig-zagger... I like making the course a hundred yards longer). On it today for practice and I'll report back:

This one is in full carbon- feather light! This thing looks surfy too. I think after I paddle it in the raceboard, I'm going to stick it in my 10'6 and see how it surfs.

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