Sunday, February 27, 2011

Storm of the Century... or not.

All the hype- none of the doom! The storm of the century- a view from my room:

Pretty killer view... a sweet spot to drink a glass of wine and wait for water spouts, tsunamis and sea serpents (we saw none).
So much rain and snow and hail and freezing rain.... or not. Winter time rates at a sweet little resort/spa... uncrowded parking lot with a seven degree slope and fresh asphalt... the cocktails in me said, "Carveboard" the frontal lobe said, "Broken hip". The brain won (must have been a survival instinct considering how dumbed down it was). But just wait 'til I go back!
The place had a cool, little bar tucked away downstairs- serving my favorite tequila: Don Julio 1942. Nice.