Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ripping at La Jolla Shores- Alexis Rovira gets the shot.

Yann is one of the stand out rippers up at the Shores- check out this shot that photog. Alexis Rovira grabbed:

Alexis' caption: Yann Quilfen gets a nice floater down at Green Wall-La Jolla Shores. Super humble guy who is fun to watch, you never know what he's gonna pull out of his bag of tricks.
What a killer shot- Alexis tells me that there's more where that came from- can't wait to see 'em and post 'em up. Good job!


Jon Kinley said...

Great Pic!-would love to see some video of this guy!

Unknown said...

He's been on My Local Lineup TV

Kiku said...

Great job Alexis and GO YANN ! We all love Yann ! :)