Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Surfing is always better.

Racing's fun... but surfing rules. Here's why:

And more for tomorrow... I hope. Photo credit: Jeff Wallis


Joe Agliozzo said...

John do you know the volume number on your new 8-6?

Just rode a Coreban Fusion 9-0 at 148 liters and wanted to compare.

I like the Fusion but seems like they put a lot of the volume in crowning the deck which I am not crazy about. Also pretty thick rails which made it harder to put on a rail - surf was pretty gutless though so not really a fair test in that respect.


Anonymous said...

try a concave deck and get a custom board

John Ashley said...

Hey Joe,

I think the volume on the 8'6 is somewhere in the neighborhood of 120L but I'm not sure. Volume numbers are getting harder to come by from shapers as they start dialing in the minimum volume needed to allow you to float and paddle (I like my boards super low volume- no corkiness needed when you're going fast).

I can say that my feet are basically lapped by water when I'm just standing there. I can paddle the board three to four miles but it's slow. I'll take the trade off in performance for paddleability.

Yep- I don't like crowned decks either... your ankles bend outward and the volume is weirdly distributed. For me- I like boards that have a natural thickness flow and foil to them- meaning the more they look like regular surfboards the better. I don't like gimmicky designs- clean, proven surfboard shapes work well.

And be surf the tail is foiled down! Make this all really easy and just got to Stamps and order a Viking Bump or a G.Reaper at 8'6... you'll be stoked.

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