Monday, March 28, 2011

One San Diego Day. Part I (Beware, lots of pictures of vegetables below)

San Diego is a great place to live. There's so much to do when the surf goes to shitake... you just have to get out and find the fun. Check out Part I of the my killer Saturday adventure:

Started my little adventure downtown- well not exactly. It was Little Italy but it felt so downtown-ish... love it that I can go from my sunny little backyard garden to this sort-of downtown in about ten minutes. San Diego's downtown is like a beginner's downtown- it's got the buildings but it's not intimidating at all. 
Every Saturday is Farmer's Market- Little Italy has got to have one of the best... tons of actual farmers not just dirty hippies selling feathers and beads. And, best of all- ton's of different types of food for sale and, even better, free samples! I am now making it a mission to go to every farmer's market in the San Diego area... at least until the surf gets good again.
All kinds of fresh stuff. How good do those look? The berry bin was actually kind of fascinating to me- there's about ten more photos of it on my hard drive... you never know when you might see another one! Mondrian would've loved it.
I sampled one of these and it was over. This jar went home with me. Scroll down to the next pic for a full description.
Watch out for that habanero half lurking... it'll get you every time. These things didn't even last two days in the fridge. I going to learn how to make these myself- if I don't, I'm going to put a serious dent in the new-board fund. Anybody know how to make 'em?
The carrots were great- but this guy ruled. Joes on the Nose... awesome coffee, coffee drinks and straight up craziness like the peanut butter and hot chocolate drink... wait, what? GENIUS. By the way, that little step van is where I'm going- forget about the Sprinter Van- I'm getting one of these things.
Here's the drink list, belly up to the bar and call your (espresso) shot! I had the Cheater Five... blended.
These guys were hanging out. How punk rock is that crested ugly dog (sorry can't remember the full name)? This farmer's market was cool in that you are allowed to bring your dog. The dog owners are pretty responsible- I didn't see doggy doo-doo the whole time- and I looked.
Like I said, there's all kinds of insane food there. I don't know if this is a crepe or a tortilla/crepe mutant... but it was huge!
My rule of thumb for eating at farmer's markets is to never order anything large, you want small bites so you can eat a bunch of different things. I ordered up these little pulled pork sliders. The price was right, two of them for five bucks perfect to share with a friend... and that's right, there's coleslaw right on top of it. Don't be afraid.
Be sure to get there before 10am, it get's pretty darn crowded and finding a parking spot is tough.
Can you tell I like my new camera?
This one's for my friend Sarah who told me I should buy these and roast them- they're on the menu for tomorrow night. Full report to follow.
Check back for Part II (I promise no more vegetable photos!).

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