Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Surf food?

There is such a thing as "surf food". Carne asada fries and a Negro Modelo are surf food. A rack of lamb with mint jelly followed by a tumbler of scotch with a Glen in it's name will never be considered surf food. Quiche is definitely not surf food- although if it has a really good crust and you cover it with ketchup- well then, it might be surf food. Part of what I love about traveling and surfing is finding those spots that do it right- could be a perfect plate of corned beef hash and eggs (yes, surf food) or un plato de sopes con nopales with a little sliced mango on the side and an ice cold Pacifico (you feeling it now?). I'm good at finding this kind of stuff. Here's a couple solid spots I've got squirreled away- don't ask, you've got to earn them:

Best thing on the menu? A chicken roasted in a clay pot... surf food. How about the dark chocolate cake (warmed?) and the best thing... they're "willing to to trade" for food. All you have to do is ask.
How about a caesar salad made from locally, organic grown greens? Not surf food. Add anchovies and a beer? Surf food.
Wood fired stoves? Anything that comes out of them is automatically surf food.
Doughnuts are surf food. Pastries? Yes, pastries are surf food- as long as they are comboed with a cup of black coffee.


Anonymous said...

Surf traveling food
Coca Cola slurpee with beef jerky, or maybe cornuts or bag of BBQ potato chips. Hot chocolate or coffee on cold mornings with cinnamon roll
Spiders Brother

John Ashley said...

Yep, I'm with you on the coca cola slurpee but I'd add a shot of cherry in the bottom!