Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One San Diego Day. Part II... back to surfing stuff.

Capped off the morning with a killer sushi lunch at Sushi Deli (if you know... well, you know) washed it down with an ice cold Kirin and set myself up for a nice afternoon nap. The evening featured a little bit of a surf art/artifact show in the industrial part of downtown. Check it out:

Once you got inside of the gates, this is what the place looked like. I didn't know a single soul but I knew that somewhere inside there were some wacko surfcraft and with them, the free thinkers that made 'em. I wasn't disappointed.
Little did I know that I.B. is everywhere- who should I see right when I walk in but my two friends Kraig Surplus and Kevin- from then on, it was on.
Yeah, I was the kook snapping pictures of everything. Can you see Eckstrom over there in the corner... can you say: asymetrical?
There were cool little things stashed all over the place- how's that fish board?
One wall featured notes describing the time line of a surf film.
Cool to see my local spot featured.
This loft was featured in The Surfers Journal- as were these kids... riding chunks of foam... actually, I should say, ripping chunks of foam. They showed up too.
It was a good party: free beer, free food... interesting people and....
...that string band I was telling you about... rocking out Fiddler on the Roof tunes.
Here's a shot of the whole compound... a little oasis of surfdom in the middle of the 'hood.
By the time we left, I was hungry again- one more trip to Pizza Port, one more Lahaina pizza and I was done for the day- it was definitely a good one!

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