Monday, May 30, 2011

Don't get me started....

At the root of it all- I am a surfer; the neural pathways are set, there's muscle memory, my nose twitches when the tide changes, the smell of beach tar makes me excited. So don't be surprised when the forecasts get my fiendish little mind all in a twist. The cogs connect with the right gears and out pops a plan.... a surf plan. 

No, not here. But close- and better.

I'll give you some of the bones- you can flesh in the rest for yourself. First of all, it's looking like we're going to get a run of south swell here over the next five days. Second, I live temptingly close to northern Baja. Third, I just received some intel on what I like to call a safe harbor. In this case it's a little motel/trailer park, a secure compound with its own beach entry within stand up paddle distance of a couple prime northern Baja reef breaks. These are breaks that I surfed when I was in high school but have since written off (if you want to surf the spots, you've got to park your truck- which means that when you come back all you'll find are tire tracks in the dirt- yep, it's that bad). These are good waves people- I'll keep you posted.

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Kiku said...

Love it John! Have fun and you definitely have to visit the taco stands in-between the two spots we discussed the other day. Also, there's a new cafe in the same colonia as well as a really cool restaurant right on the water. It's just south of the break and you could surf right in front of it. Jealous!