Sunday, May 29, 2011

Grand Opening: K-Pasta... my new carbo-loading, pre-race pasta, post-race beer spot!

I am so excited about my friend's new restaurant- not only is it right down the street from my house, the place is damn cool and the food is super tasty. I know this place is going to be the spot for my pre-race carbo-loading ritual. The restaurant features fresh, made on the premises pasta, three or four kinds of sauces (my favorite was the tomato-basil sauce, but I've heard the turkey bolognese is unreal), a nice green salad and my favorite... home made pickles. Other menu items will rotate in and out on a daily basis so you'll need to poke your head in to see what they've got going on. Check it out:

Opening Day: Private party, lots of friends, lots of food- sunshine and happiness. K-Pasta is the brainchild of Kraig and Annie Kirstner. Kraig is the owner of San Diego's best hardware store K-Surplus (been there?) notice the similarity in business names? In addition,  K-Pasta sounds like que pasa, pretty clever, eh?   
The homemade pickles are delicious... I resisted at first but after one bite- I was a believer. That's Kraig and the recipe for those pickles belongs to his wife Annie- I think it's a big family secret.

Fresh pasta- made daily and waiting for you to come and place your order.
That's my buddy Kevin running the cash register- he'll be in K-Pasta daily, making pasta and keeping things running smoothly.
The hot water bath of the commercial pasta cooker... rad.
This man makes good food. Go get 'em K-Fer!
Uhm, yes- that's what I ordered: Hot Italian Sausage Sandwich... making me hungry just thinking about it.
Giant blackboards... check the offerings.
Kids love pasta- they love it stuck to their faces, in their hair, on the floor...
I told Kevin we had to snap this photo because in twenty years, when he's controlling the pasta racket on the southside and he's a made man, I'll need some proof that I knew him way back when...
K-Pasta will be open to the public in early June, it's located on 13th street, near the intersection of 13th and Palm across the street from Blockbuster video.

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Anna K. said...

Thanks John!!! Opening June 7th! We are very excited.