Thursday, May 19, 2011

"I went to Alaska this time": Vicki charges the icebergs, survives 31 degree water.

My friend Vicki is an adventurer- she's got a go-for-it spirit that I really admire. In the last couple of years she's paddled with manatees, cruised around Turkey with an inflatable stando and explored the waterways of Europe. She's a cool girl- check out her latest caper (words are Vicki's, slightly edited by me):

Yeah Vicky- love the life vest, strobe light and all!

"So I planned to paddle Mendenhall Lake in Juneau Alaska lake with a bunch of kayakers, but when they heard I was riding an inflatable sup they said I was a liability and could not provide a ride, wetsuit or life vest for me. I had to improvise, hence the bright orange vest I stole from a cruise ship."

You're definitely not in So. Cal. anymore...

"Luckily, I brought some booties but had no wetsuit. So I a 30% chance of surviving should I fall into the 31 degree water- assuming I could get help within 10 minutes. It took me about 2 hours to paddle all the way across to the glacier due to the layer of ice on top of the lake. You can see it in one of the pics (and I hugged the coast the whole time  like a pussy). I had to break the ice with each stroke and I could hear it crack for what sounded like 30 seconds out in each direction."

Looks like ice to me... think that water is cold?

"Fortunately, there was a lone kayaker out near the glacier to take my pic, and provide me some company as I periodically warmed my feet on the rocks so they didn't go numb. And there was a beautiful waterfall.  I think I am going to paddle the Everglades next :)"

Paddle Alaska? No problem, dodge an iceberg here and there- no biggy. 
 If you want to catch up with Vicki and get involved with her global SUP trips (she's got a fleet of blow up standos) contact her by email:

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