Saturday, September 24, 2011

A backpack and a duffel bag

Just got done packing for my two week surf trip. Feeling a little weird- this will be the first time that I don't bring any type of board with me- I feel slightly naked. My down south connection, and close friend, Tim Hatler at Palapas Ventana has been watching the numbers and swears that this next week will be a good one for hitting up a couple mysto-point breaks (we're talking islands in the Sea of Cortez here folks... surfed those? I didn't think so) so I'm going for it. Walking across the border Sunday morning with just a couple bags, a wad of pesos and an open mind. I do have a few boards (standup and prone) stashed down there but they're from three years, and several design changes, in the past- a little heavier and longer than I'm used to but you can't beat the convenience. Don't worry, I'm also bringing a camera and a laptop- so check back for updates of my barebones southern surf adventure.


Big_L said...

Have fun and safe travels. Keep us updated!

As for my board I prefer the truster set up as well. But man there is a sweet spot on standing on that board. I'm still adjusting to how tipsy it is.

Still learning and loving it thou.

Can't wait to hear about your trip and photos.


Bob said...

Have safe.