Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finish line in sight.... a million steps still to take!

Man- funny how things get piled on just before you're about to take a surf trip. I'm fighting my way through last minute changes, paperwork snafus, a lost debit card and a convoluted itinerary... but I'm getting there. And coming my way is a big ol' south swell... let it happen! I'm ready to get the eff out of here!


Anonymous said...

lucky dog John!-be safe and have fun-me and CD want to join you one of these days on your south of the border jaunts!

John Ashley said...

Oh yeah! This is going to be a good one Jon... we should definitely hook up and get down there together- get somebody to shoot the Father/Son rippas!

Anonymous said...

good times at BOP!-lots of dudes and ladies and kids and most everybody that paddle faster than me!
your trip sounds like its either gonna be epic or epic fail!


John Ashley said...

Well- there's always cold beer.