Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Can you tell it's been FLAT!!!!!

When I start breaking out the random prose.... watch out! Lengthy ramblings and goofy stories just mean that we're pulling our frickin' hair out here because it has been sooooo tiny. Supposedly something is coming this weekend but watch out the poop monster from the south is in the water. Last night, 2 a.m., I let the beast out so she can sniff the grass, but what do I sniff? Wafting on the night on-shore breeze is the meaty stench of southern borne sewage. Thanks Mexico for your little gift. This morning what do I spy? The sewage flower (contaminated water signs) popping just in time for the Labor Day swell... so it's a race against time. Who will win? The poop monster or the Labor Day swell? Tune back in to find out. Until then, here's a cool surf shot I took a long time ago when there was surf. Sigh.



Brian said...

How far up the coast does the monster usually roam?

John Ashley said...

There's a magic, invisible line that stops it from going into Coronado... but... they are fixing the broken sewer pipe in TJ that is spewing filth into the ocean and it should be done in next couple of days... we'll see!!! Water looked clean today.