Saturday, August 18, 2012

Custom Paddleboard/Custom Paint Job = Rad.

Check the spray on Jon Kinley's custom Infinity paddlesurf board- even matches his Vans. Nice work!

Order a custom board and you get to have it painted any way that you like...
And have it configured any way that you'd like- check out the absence of a screw type fin box in the middle- Jon's riding smaller fins as a thruster. Interesting!


Anonymous said...

Hey thats my board!
I have affectionatley named it "Spicollisan"!
Maybe gonna bring it down to Mex?
Grafix by a guy named Tom-long time rattle can sprayer-working at Infinity shop right now-hes really good-that was a tough spray!

Paddle Surf Warehouse said...

19Awesome Paint Job. Infinity are sweet. Stand Up Paddle Boards

ewxlt66 said...

I like my fins like Jon too!