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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Snapped in half: Surf Eats SUP

I'll let Kiwi explain in his own words:

"Don't really know what happened. Paddling out,surfer coming right at me, double wave( wind swell) shoulder to head high, waiting for surfer to see me knowing wave is coming. Brace and try and paddle up BIG white wash. Feel board hit me in the chest. Knocks wind out of me. Come up and unnamed surfer says dude your board snapped. I look around and sure enough it's done. He keeps talking to me but all I'm trying to do is breathe. Make it in only to get a glancing wack from a stingray. Never caught a wave. Went home got the other board and went back out and caught a couple. Sunday north side. Super fun waves. Shit happens. Will order a new one when my shaper is done with the U S Open. Life is good!!!!"

They don't live forever...


Unknown said...

Classic story!

Anonymous said...

What brand of board was it?

Chris K said...

Sorry for your loss John - that looks like a sweet board. You can still put it together and keep it for a flat water grom paddler. I had the same scenario with an unnamed production board and got a triple buckle - one a gaping rail-to-rail crack and busted stringer.

John Ashley said...

Hey All,

Fortunately, not my board! It was Kiwi's 8'0 custom Stu Kenson stando... sick, sick, sick board!

Anonymous said...

Always sucks breaking a board. I always get a bit nervous I might break my sup paddling over any white wash bigger than 4 feet.

Anyone looking to get rid of a sup? I am riding a 9'6" stamps now and wanna downsize to 7'8 to 8'6". If so, shoot me an email @