Tuesday, August 14, 2012

San Diego's Premier SUP Race: To Benefit the Wounded Warrior Project

I was just sent this by my friends at Isle Surfboards. The guys are organizing and hosting a major race here in San Diego, September 22nd. The race will be called America's Finest Paddle Race and it's being held to benefit a truly noble cause, The Wounded Warrior Project. Since this is my home town and I'd love to meet all 153 of you who have become FOLLOWERS of this humble blog I am inviting you to join me for the race.

Click here for more information about the race.

Look for me at either the first buoy turn where I will be bringing up the tail end of the pack (to ensure that everybody is wearing SUP approved PFDs and that proper "Mast to Beam" right of way calls are being made at the turn around point) or at the beer garden where I will be hosting a seminar titled, "Fact or Phallus: My stando is smaller than yours which automatically makes me rad". If all else fails, bring a cup for a covert cocktail (not a red solo cup, duh!), tell me what your sign in name is as a FOLLOWER of the blog and I will personally mix up my infamous Kraken7 for you on the shores of Liberty Station.

I have information for any of you out there who might want to become involved as a sponsor for this event. Email me: john@paddlesurf.net and I'll hook you up.

Look forward to seeing you there and please do let me know if you are coming for the race: john@paddlesurf.net

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Chad said...

This event was awesome. My first SUP event ever. My 15 yr old son and I both placed first in our division and I was lucky enough to get third in the 3.5 mile. It seemed longer to me, maybe im just out of shape! As a Wounded Warrior I was blessed to take part in this day of celebration, motivation, fundraising, meeting new peeps, and just plain fun. Although I never received a "covert" festive drink, I had a fabulous time and want to thank all who paid their fee to race. The WWP has been a blessing to my family and me. thank you all!

Chad Hosch