Friday, August 24, 2012

The Friday Ramble.

The Friday Ramble, my every-so-often day to ramble about whatever I want. Tune in or tune out- up to you.

Fired up for this weekend. I'm not sure how many of you know this but I'm not an actual, professional writer or blog-billionaire. I'm actually a high school science teacher and that line of work is what pays the bills. You could say I'm sponsored by the State of California, since they (you if you live here) are the only ones who've footed the bill for my trips, my boards and my paddles (well, almost- thanks SurfCraft International and Creed SUP). I love teaching, I've been a teacher for almost seventeen years and I take it very seriously. 

This week, I kicked some serious teaching ass: I set up and ran a chemistry lab (try pulling all the stuff together to do something like this and you'll know there's more to it than you think), conducted two sand crab sampling sessions, put together a nifty digital lecture using my laptop and projector, set up a three day field trip (bureaucratic paper nightmare- but I ain't afraid), wrote a test, administered a make up exam, inventoried my chemical storeroom, completed a State Expenditure report for a Marine Science program that I administer (finished it a week early too) and held two after-school sessions of robot construction. I'm new to the robotics game but I'll tell you- watching the kids get so excited is a real stoke-fest. That's a lot of teaching stuff. 

But that's not all, I also fit in a 5 - 7pm paddle club session with 10 fired up women paddlers, got in a couple surfs for myself and mowed, weedwacked and edged my 12,000 square foot lot. I posted content on this and another blog that I contribute to and messed around with my new Ion WiFi camera. Dude, I killed it this week- so if you see me... buy me a beer, I deserve it!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah John!
Mucho respecto to all teachers-i dont know man, kids are different these days-glad you love it!
San Diego breaks look pretty small-kind of hitting up here in SOC-if i see you i will definitely buy you a brewki!
We will be hanging out most all weekend at Patch!