Friday, March 7, 2008

Daylight Savings Time's Coming: Summer's Knockin'

I can't wait to Spring forward. It means that the warm season is just around the corner. The after work session can be extended and I can start making my summer travel plans. I'm already trying to figure out how I'm going to pull off the paddle surf adventures that are floating around in my mind. Here's a preview:

1. I want to paddle the East Cape of Baja. Talk about wide open. There are so many little spots to poke around down there. I'm fired up to lay some tracks and document some reliable runs around the tip. Trip Probability: 90%

2. I'm all messed up on the idea of paddling mainland Mexico, specifically a giant left point break, described as Malibu in reverse. The place is fat and long enough to be perfect for a stand up board. Trip Probability: 60%

3. I need to paddle up and around the voodoo ridden Northern Baja region- my gut says no but my board says yes. Trip Probability: 50% (if you drive, I'll cover tolls and tacos!).

4. Send me to Costa Rica. Will paddle and write for frequent flier miles. Boca Barranca, Pavones and Pan Dulce all need to be poached. Trip Probability: 0%

5. There's some stretches of coastline right in my backyard that I still haven't explored and I need to score, mid-week, south swell, point surf this summer. Trip Probability: 100%

6. Ian you invited me up to your zone, that big headland needs to be breeched- let me know!
Trip Probablility: 70%

Get out and get some- it's out there!


Michael Ashley said...

How about Santa Cruz, June 14, 15, 16? Are you still coming? We have miles of points that are calling your name. Plus you have to meet Andy, Gary and Mikey B.

Costa Rica, Mainland Mexico and Baja Sur are calling my name, too.

Jim Brewer said...

John-The East Cape paddle would be fun. I will be out on the East Cape at the end of this month for 2 weeks and if I can figure out how to get a couple of my SUP boards down there I will be all over it. I'v had some ocean front property on the East Cape since 1994 (Zacatitos) and have surfed all the spots but never on a SUP board. I'm not sure if I can bring them on the plane. Do you know anything about size limits on boards? I always have driven down in the past and never had to worry about it.

srfnff said...

Habla SantaCruz'n?

John Ashley said...

Hey Mike- gonna do my best, may not stay up for all three days but I'll haul ass out of here as soon as I can. You guys can take me to the triple secret, quadruple hush-hush, elusive Santa Cruz LEFT point right?

John Ashley said...

Hey Jim-

Man, I'm jealous. I don't know that part of the East Cape but I do know how good the paddling is going to be.

I just talked to my buddy Tim, owner of Palapas Ventana and he said the wind season down there is still happening! I don't know if you windsurf or kite but that may be an option.

I don't know the size limits on the boards- I'm hoping I can squeeze my 10' on this summer- I'm going to push for that mainland trip.

I remember coming through LAX last summer and watching some Japanese surfers hauling some big longboards through.

Maybe you should start making that 9'6" blueline travel board now.


John Ashley said...

Si, hablo mucho. I think.

Anonymous said...

john went to libertad on taca no board charge.buddy took 11.0 back in 97 dont know now but the airlines are always ready to part with your euros.itchen to get back to san miguel.i am ready to rumble.captneg9.