Saturday, March 1, 2008

Downwind Boards Look FUN!

Oh man, I got a peek at something that looks really fun. Kelly Kraus at Emerald City surf shop in Coronado had a 14' C4 Vortice down at the beach this morning. That thing looks so sweet! Talk about purpose built, it's more hull than paddle board. Kelly says it's ridiculously fast- I'm going to jump on it sometime this week and I'll post a full report. You're going to be seeing a lot more of these downwind boards in the water this summer. I know I want one and I haven't even tried the thing yet! Check Back.

The surf in our parts has really been fun lately. I've hit the last two days at different spots and had really great days. It's been about head high on the set waves but clean and lined up. We're seeing a building south swell so it's time to start putting the thinking caps on and figuring out where it's going to work best. Stoked.

Photos Top and Bottom: A couple of snapshots of a couple of spots a couple of days ago.

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