Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wise Words from the ultimate Style Master

If you've been surfing for awhile you know who Larry Bertlemann is.

If you drag your paddle to the inside of a front side cutback, across your body to the heelside on the round-o you're executing a Bertlemann style hand drag. The only difference is he dragged a hand, you're dragging your paddle.

The guy was a 70's style master, he even influence the nascent sport of street skating. Go rent Dogtown and Z-boys and you'll see Jay Adams ripping "Bert' reverts" in pools and banks all over Venice and Santa Monica.

So I don't know why but I was perusing YouTube and I found a trade show interview with him.

The guy is well spoken and he's got something to say. Good stuff. Check it out:

Wise words, they apply to more than just surfing. For me they justify one other important item: I push a shopping cart... so what? It's my own circle.


Anonymous said...

great surfing with you guys.learned a lesson today.hit it and split.the fellas on the wall did not like the my wave count.that i should be talked to.i know i caught 4 waves too many on the peak.i think c.l.a. wants to ban standup at there break.i know now not to surf in that area and paddle further north.this go to c. longboard assoc.iam will not happen again.steve king.captneg9.bert rules

Anonymous said...

to the person that left the nice note on my windshield.''gemini sucks ass''.why thank you and it taste so travels fast come to find out from mitch's surf shop.that am ban from the shores.the downers will never get standup.this is one the best things that has happen in my surfing life and i dont care what anybody thinks.