Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's coming together!!!

A quick check of my favorite surf forecast site says we may be into something really fun this weekend! Start making plans, CameraGrom- this may be your weekend! Although everything is condition dependent, this may be the weekend for some good coastal cruises- anybody interested? You know how to reach me.

Left: Keep your fingers crossed, because maybe, just maybe we deserve something like this!
Photo: El Tigre

The scale never lies. 235 not 220, first time on it in about 15 years. Interesting. 10' x 29" x 4.4", 235 lbs. Hmmmm.


K3rM1t said...

Coastal cruise sounds fun! I hit up Del Mar this morning only to find this damn flu/cold/bronchitis thing hasn't really let up. Almost passed out after 15 minutes and had to call it.
I have to kick this stupid bug and get back on the water!

John Ashley said...

Jeez- tell me about it! I got hit with it for like, 3 weeks- full lung butter-itis. Sucks. I just dodged some nasty stomack flu that just tagged my wife and put her down!

But I'm good and better now and this weekend could get really gooooood!