Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wind Everywhere!

The wind was going nuts today. First out of the south at about 20 mph, then dumping rain, switched to offshore for about an hour then hard out of the north west before it got dark. Now I'm sitting here and it's dead calm, no rain and cold. Turns out the jet stream looped low enough to bring San Diego its very own storm. We had enough snow in the mountains around us for school districts to close school for a snow day.

There's definitely some surf on the way, or it may be here already. I've been getting reports of fun surf up in North SD, maybe our turn is coming. Getting excited for tomorrow! See you there.

Photos above and below: Two spots, same town, ten minutes apart- wind from all points of the compass- crazy day.


Anonymous said...

yeah yesterday's storm was insane, it came compeltely out of nowhere...anyway's dawn patrol? 6:30 for me

John Ashley said...

We'll see!