Thursday, September 3, 2009

G-Mac: 9'9" Anhilator

First of all, check out the pic below... the guy in the barrel is the guy who paddles the G-mac 9'9" Annhilator stand up board- can't wait to see this same view but with a stand up paddler pulling in. Check it out:

Photo: Marc M., last week, throated down south.

Photo: Here's what Marc's been paddling around lately- the smallest of the G-mac line. This one is 9'9" x 27 3/4" x 4.5" with s-rails and the standard G-mac sliver tail.

Photo: This one is definitely more speed needle, less barge.

Photo: Another view. According to Marc the thing is crazy loose and surfs really well. Looking this one over though, it seems that it was made for some down the line juice. I'll keep you posted on what we learn about the G-mac, 'til then click on over here to learn more about the G-mac line of stand up boards.


Capt Ron said...

I am interested to see with newer laminating techniques and air vents how the XPS foam holds glass. It used to be a big issue with off gassing of the extruded foam and delaminating the board. I actually have seen some blow out so bad you could actualy shake the blank inside the lamination.

Strong stuff XPS foam, totally water proof, easier to shape, harder to ding I like the way it shapes and holds paint does not yellow.
Nice board. Looks like a down the line fast point break poacher you could realy pull through some tough sections on.
Capt Ron

Anonymous said...

can i say t.s/ influence neg9

Anonymous said...

John that's a sick lookin' board man. I don't know if you remember the 3 day lesson we did back in July (I'm the Navy computer guy). Glad to see you're rippin' it up out there. Been doing a lot of downhill skateboarding out here. Gonna get a big stick and a 60" deck to practice my paddling :-)
I'll be out that way in Dec. maybe we can get a La Jolla sesh in again.

keep paddling