Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Portable Shower: Ultimate SUP Vehicle Accessory

Want to trick out your SUP ride? The boys at Isle Surf turned me on to the Big Kahuna Portable Shower- believe me, you're going to want one. Check it out:

Here's local grom, Mikey, messin' with my shower. Check out the super cool coiled hose and sweet nozzle- nice arc on that thing! Really though, I'm hooked on having an easy-to-use freshwater rinse that I can take with me anywhere I go. Not only are you going to keep the sand out of your truck but you're going to make a bunch of new friends when they see what you've got going on.

The whole unit comes as a clean little package:
the big gray thing ("hey, that's what you store dog food in") is an eleven gallon water tank (I opted for the big one- the small version holds around five gallons). I keep mine filled and locked to the back corner of my truck bed. At first I thought I'd just use it for an after surf rinse. Lately, though I've found all kinds of uses for it; my stand up paddle students use it to rinse off after lessons, my dog gets rinsed off after beach romping- no more sand in the back of my truck!

Inside the tank is a 12 volt bilge pump that's submerged under your shower water. The pump is cleanly wired to a cigarette lighter.

The cigarette lighter comes with more than enough wire to stretch the length of an eight foot truck bed on up to the cigarette lighter in the cab. I thought about hard wiring it into my truck so that I could just flip a switch and fire it up but the thing is put together so nicely, and it works so well that I've decided to just use it "as is".

I suppos
e you could try to throw one of these together for yourself but, really, why bother? Big Kahuna offers them at a reasonable price and for a couple clicks you could have one sent right to your door. Order one up, and the first time a random hotty asks if she can borrow your shower, remember who to send your thanks (or photos) to.

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Kiku said...

I have one too! It's currently needs some repair, but I will email Jeff and he may just send some parts out to me. He's really great about that.

I have had so many people approach me about my Big Kahuna Shower that I had him send me some brochures to those who inquire about it.

I SUP in the morning, shampoo and condition my hair with my Big Kahuna Shower and then I'm off to my office!

See ya!